{ Happy Birthday Billy }

Today is March 14, 2010 which means… Billy is 30 years old today!!! Over the last few months we’ve been talking about how he feels about turning 30… he likes to convince himself that it is just another birthday, but I choose to see it as a day to look back and celebrate the 30 blessed years that God has given him! He doesn’t know that I am doing this blog post, BUT what better way to recap his life other than through photos?! Whether you are a family member, friend, acquaintance, or stranger – please stroll through these photos and take the time to recognize this wonderful man that the Lord has made! Billy is my loving husband, my best friend, the reason for my laughter, and the man who give’s me indescribable love everyday. My sweet William – Happy 30th Birthday, you are a life worth celebrating!


Isn’t he the sweetest baby!? You can tell those baby pics are him, can’t you!?


I love this age of Billy’s life. One fact about Billy is that he LOVES dressing up and playing different roles ever since he was just a wee little kid!  One of his favorite pictures is shown below of him and brother Andrew playing cowboys. The first image below is one of my favorite, his eyes are captivating at such a young age and still are to this very day.


Some of the photos below show Billy’s interest in sports at a young age. I’ve heard that he was awesome in competition and he proved it when he recently kicked my behind in soccer!

Also, there are a few pictures with his family traveling in Europe. Billy is well traveled and well cultured. He spent years of his life abroad in the mission field withYwam & studying music at Hillsong in Australia. He has beautiful stories of his experiences, and the fact of the matter is those experiences cultivated and formed him into the man he is today.


Another thing about Billy that I LOVE is that he is a family man! He loves his family to the core and had a wonderful upbringing with great values instilled in his heart. His family is awesome, I feel so blessed to now call them my family!


The photos below bring me back to our experience where we met, Hallmark Institute of Photography. Billy always likes to gloat that he got a degree and a wife ;) God defiantly led both of us at the right time to pack up our life and head to Massachusetts to pursue our passion in photography. Only weeks within the start of our education, I picked Billy’s bald head out of the crowd and knew that I NEEDED to meet him! After only a few days of plotting and scheming with mutual friends, we conjured up a plan for us to meet. Once we got together, we never separated – we grew as individuals and as a couple; we created everlasting friendships with some fabulous people & we got our first baby – Jackson! He was the best dog anyone could have ever asked for and was SO loyal to Billy! B likes to say that Jackson was the glue between us & I would have to agree. We had him almost since day 1 and sadly, he passed away just 2 weeks before we married. Regardless, he was a great gift from God for the short time we had him.


Now it’s time to appreciate his good looks!



After attending photography school, Billy took the plunge and moved to Wisconsin for over a year to get to know my family. What a guy! I am so thankful for that time that he sacrificed to endure the blundering cold to know and love me, my family, and friends. Everyone quickly fell in love with Billy and he was accepted with open arms! He continually tells me how thankful he is for that time.


Did I mention how great he is with kids?! Here he is with our niece Elena. I love these two photos so much because at the time, Elena wasn’t into anyone but her mom and dad, BUT she went right to Billy with a big smile! Kids are a great judge of character.


Another notable and respectable quality about Billy is his loyalty. He has always expressed that his number #1 quality he looks for in friendship is that loyalty. He loves his friends and appreciates all the different friendships he has with them. His friends showed their loyalty and support for Billy by flying to Wisconsin from all over the United States for our wedding last September.


We look back in gratitude and love at our wedding day. Our family and friends were always a great support system and they all made this beautiful day possible!





Another wonderful thing about Billy – he is romantic!!! He planned a surprise 10 day honeymoon in Paris for us! Words can’t even describe how awesome this trip was!!


Billy is a goofball, and for that I thank him! He always is finding ways to make our life fun and enjoy everyday.




This next image is one of my favorite photos taken of Billy.


Billy, today I celebrate you! I thank God for the man he has made you to be. You are a wonderful person and I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life without you by my side! I love you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Birthday love!

OKAY EVERYBODY :  Now it’s your turn!! Leave a comment below wishing Billy a happy birthday, telling a story, or just let him know how awesome he truly is!!!

Photo credits : Engagement Photos – Blue Dandelion Photography & Mat and Ash Photography Wedding Photos – Chaz Cruz & Mary Frances