( Raymond & Vivian } Charleston SC Engagement Photographer

When Vivian approached us with the idea for a throwback, vintage style engagement shoot, we were giddy! She and Raymond are travelers, so she incorporated some vintage luggage, passports, clothing & Raymond’s grandfather’s original drink set. It was a lot of fun for us to be creative in a new environment and to work with different elements, hence why this is such a long blog post!

To know Raymond and Vivian, read their story below in Vivian’s words of her’s and Raymond’s journey thus far…

When Raymond and I started dating, I was traveling from city to city every week for my job.  This particular April I was assigned to a client for two weeks in a row, which normally I would begrudge but this time happened to be different.  During one of our phone conversations I told Raymond how excited I was to not to return home since Chicago was my favorite city.  He quickly responded, “What a coincidence, Chicago is my favorite town.”  To which I replied in a joking manner, “That’s nice, but I don’t share.”

To my surprise his flight itinerary was in my inbox the next day and when he arrived we had the most amazing weekend checking out the local sights, freezing to death on a river tour,  and catching laughs at an improv show.

Fast forward one year later and Raymond suggests that we return to the Windy city for my birthday in early April.  After the show Raymond told the taxi driver to drop us off at the Buckingham Fountain in Millennium Park, which would be hysterical to the locals for they all know the glorious fountain is not turned on until late May due to the ever so welcoming snow.

Noticing the lack of luster, he suggested we walk around the park instead.  We ended up at the Bean where despite the late hour, teenagers and tourists were still trafficking.  As we were standing there admiring the art and architecture, Raymond reached into his pocket and asked me to hold something for him.  In my hands I found a post card from the hotel he had stayed at a year ago during our first visit.  The post card read as follows:

“Vivian, last year, I took this postcard from the front desk of the hotel as I left.  I always knew that even if a relationship between you and me did not work out, I’d always have something to remember one of the best times in my life.  Since that day, I’ve carried it around in my briefcase to remind me of how special our relationship has become and how much you mean to me.  I’m happy that I can now give you something to hold on to that will always remind you how much I love you.”

At which point I hear from an excited woman nearby, “OH MY GOD, HE GONNA PROPOSE TO HEEEERRR!”  I looked down and there he was – the most wonderful man I had ever met on one knee asking me to marry him.  Overwhelmed by joyous tears, I had forgotten to respond.  The excited woman of course reminded me saying, “WELL SAY YES!  SAY YES!” How could I resist.

I said yes.”