Charleston Wedding Photography { Bride’s Favorite Photo Picks }

Out of curiosity, I contacted a few brides and asked them to show me their favorite image from their wedding day and why. I loved seeing and hearing all the responses, I think I will make this a featured post more often. Here are my bride’s responses to my question, I love how each is different….


— “This was so hard – I really do love our entire album of photos! I’m going to pick this one as our favorite because this one picture has everything we dreamed about having in our wedding. We wanted to have a very Charleston wedding, since it is the location where we met and where we’ve made a home together. This photo captures it all: the water, the moss, the big tree and the most gorgeous sunset I have ever seen. Other than it being simply breathtaking (I can’t believe that is me in the photo!), this one will always remind me of where we fell in love and of our perfect wedding day. We loved working with you and will enjoy our photos forever!”


–“Ok so this was a hard task… This is my favorite. It captures the sweetness of the day with the surrounding venue.”


–“I have the photos constantly running on my screensaver so I am always checking out new ones. They are such a beautiful representation of our day. If I had to pick only one photo, I think I would pick this one of us walking down the aisle after the ceremony. I choose this one because it takes me back to that moment in time, and how extremely happy we were… I feel like our happiness is emanating through the photo, and I can really feel that moment and all the emotions that I had. Even above the portraits, I think this one wins. And a close second is the one below, of our backs as we are walking down the beach…Gosh I love this photo, it is also a sweet moment and I just adore it.”



–“This photo is my favorite because it captures such a genuine moment. After the ceremony, Logan and I both we so happy and relaxed, and this picture really showcases the joy I was feeling. When Rachel and Billy were taking this series of pictures, Rachel commented that we both looked so at peace, and this picture will forever be proof of that. I love it!”


–“This is one of my most favorite pictures from our wedding day. I love the puppy’s expression, our laughter, and this unexpected moment with my husband right before our wedding ceremony. You can’t plan moments like this!”


–“It was so tough to choose just one favorite because we love so many of them! I’d have to say this is definitely a top contender. I love it because you were able to capture such a genuine moment of happiness. It doesn’t feel staged to me. It’s such a simple image without a lot of fanfare, but you still managed to make it interesting and beautiful while keeping the focus on the feeling of the moment. There is something about this image, and really each one of your photos, that has a hint of romance that I just love.”


–“There are seriously hundreds that I could call my favorite, but since I must pick, I had to boil it down to 2. This is one we’ve blown up and hung prominently in our dining room to remind us of the best day ever! I love how the photo captures the scene of the day, with the huge oak trees surrounding us all, ready to swallow us up in a big hug. I like that our intimate list of guests are all included and the band also looks so sweet offset in the photo.”

–“The photo below captures perfectly how we felt all day. Just pure joy, and you snapped it and cropped the photo just perfectly. This photo serves as a very, very special moment for the two of us.”


If there is a moral to this post, I think it is this… who are we as photographers to judge what will be a couple’s favorite photo? We need to take the time and care into every single part of the wedding day because what they may choose as their most precious memory is not up to us. The pressure should not be on where the portrait session is held, what radical edits we use or how many unique poses we may come up with, we need to be present mind and body with camera in hand to capture their emotions, their scene, their loved ones, their day. That’s our job and we cherish it.