Bonnie + Neal { Lowndes Grove, Charleston SC Wedding Photographer }

There are not enough nice things to say about this couple or this wedding! Bonnie and Neal made the right choice hiring the team over at Loluma to handle all the beautiful details and immaculate set up at Lowndes Grove. Words can’t do the beauty of this day justice! We were stoked that Charleston Weddings Magazine picked up this wedding and featured it in their spring issue! Below you can see the spreads and story from the magazine and many more photos below!




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{ Bride’s Favorite Photograph // Part II } Charleston, SC Wedding Photographers

Awhile back, we contacted our brides to find out which photo was their favorite from the wedding day. When we posted a blog of those photos, many people told us they loved seeing what each person chose. Here’s the most recent post, be sure to read it :

Here is part II of our bride’s responses, part III will be coming in the next few weeks!


This beautiful image captured by Billy and Rachel encompasses so many magical feelings. Chris and I were alone, laughing and kissing every minute, basking in the joy of being newlyweds. Standing under this tree with my Prince felt so overwhelming at the time that I still can not look at this photograph without crying. Thank you Billy and Rachel!



This picture of my husband was taken when I was walking down the aisle and saw my husband for the first time that day. All of the guests stood to watch me walk by. But, I was only focused on him. It captured what I saw in that moment. It captured the beauty of the love in my husband’s eyes. It also caught my father guiding me down the aisle with love, too. I cherish this picture.



Choosing one favorite wedding photo was really difficult because we love them all, but I have to say this one was definitely in our top favorites.  We love it because it not only gave us a chance to really take a breath and focus on eachother after the ceremony but it captures the love we share.  We will forever remember that day and are so glad that Rachel and Billy were able to capture those memories to look at and show our children.



The picture I chose wasn’t your typical bride/groom cake cutting photo…long story short, back in October my husband and I found out I was pregnant. So…we had to cancel our current plans for a June wedding and instead had a small intimate affair in Charleston with our immediate family and close friends. We wanted to reveal our baby’s gender in a memorable way so we had the inside of our cake dyed blue! The cake cutting was one of the most special and exciting moments of day–Everyone was cheering and waiting in anticipation to see if the inside of the cake was pink or blue! I only wish I could choose more favorites because the pictures that followed were priceless! Seeing our family and friends excitement and expressions is a moment I will never forget! Our beautiful family of three is now blessed with a sweet baby boy!



I love this picture so much, it is what comes up on my phone when William calls me! It is the moment right before our big exit and you can tell how much fun we had that day. I can’t help but smile when I look at his face and how excited he is. We were completely lost in the moment and you guys captured that perfectly. We still love to look at the wedding pictures and always say what an amazing job you guys did. It’s really special to us that Billy could take pictures of our little family last week, and we can’t wait to see them!
I can’t say there is just one favorite photo, but this photo makes my husband and I smile every time we see it.  It’s beautiful and fun at the same time.  The unstaged photo captures who we are perfectly.
This photo was just so candid and captured how happy and stress free we were on our big day. Derick couldn’t get the champagne open that we were going to drink after our first look and before the ceremony, and it was cracking me up. Having our dads looking on casually in the background added to the special moment captured by this beautiful image.
Again, I want to extend a huge thank you to all the people who participated in this blog post. We still have more responses, so keep your eyes peeled for another set of these beauties soon!